Tips for Combining Your Space with Your Significant Other’s

As a relationship progresses, moving in together is a natural and exciting step to take! It takes time and careful consideration to reach a point where you’re both ready, so once you make the decision you might want to rush into creating your home as soon as possible—that’s totally understandable! But before you dive in, make sure you’re both well-prepared for the moving process itself and the logistical aspects of a newly shared space that follow.

We’ve put together some helpful suggestions for you and your partner to look at when you’re ready to take the plunge. Once you tackle these, all that’s left to do is hire a great moving company and decide on how many dogs you’ll get!

Tips for Combining Your Space with Your Significant Other’s

Take Inventory

When a couple moves in together, they’re not just combining their lives, they’re combining their stuff too. It’s important to sit down and decide what you guys need to keep and what should be purged.

Start by getting rid of duplicates. Do you really need four spatulas and two living room sets? Probably not. Having multiples of smaller things like dinnerware collections and bath towel sets might come in handy if you have the space, but if you’re moving into your boyfriend’s one-bedroom apartment you’ll probably want to ditch the second bed frame.

Keep in mind that the decluttering and liquidation processes will depend on how much space you’re working with. If you snagged a good deal on a two-bedroom duplex, you might want to hold onto that extra bed after all; but if you have four bookshelves between the two of you and a tiny Manhattan apartment then it’s time to donate, sell, or trash what you don’t need.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when taking inventory of the households you’re combining is to be considerate of one another! Don’t invade your girlfriend’s apartment with an entertainment center full of video games that can be condensed onto the shelves she cleared off for you in her DVD case; and don’t try to make your boyfriend toss the hoodie he’s had since middle school and still wears when he’s feeling down. It’s all about give and take.

Compromise on Interior Design

Whether you’re moving into your partner’s apartment or you guys are getting a brand-new place together, you’re going to want an interior design style that’s cohesive and welcoming for each of you. This means you’ll either have to compromise or use this opportunity to try something new!

Merging two distinct decorating styles, even if they’re similar, might take some time. Don’t feel compelled to rush into it; take a step back and really try to figure out what’s going to work. Come up with something you both can get excited about; or agree that you can choose the living room décor, but your partner gets to decorate the bedroom. Determine which of your preferences work well together aesthetically, and which elements you may have to sacrifice.

If he’s more of a mellow, neutral guy but you prefer something bright and stimulating, maybe opt for brown or beige furniture with colorful or patterned accents. Don’t crowd the walls bringing your old posters and artwork over and sticking them up next to your partner’s—you have to evaluate and purge your décor too.

Divvy Up Your Space

Make room for your significant other if they’re moving into your apartment; or plan out your new home so that both of you have enough space for both storage and to spread out and make it your own.

You’ll probably each want a drawer or cabinet in the bathroom, and it might be a good idea to get a shower shelf to organize your different products. Share counter space, dresser drawers, and closet space too—you don’t want your partner to feel like they’re just crashing at your house. You need to create a space where you both feel at home.

If you want your own shelf in the pantry for snacks that are off-limits to your S.O.—claim it! Just make sure you talk to them about it first. Measure out the space you have before you fill it to make sure there’s enough room for everything you guys have, and so you know what needs to get weeded out. Most importantly, clean up after yourself! Respect each other’s space and belongings, as well as what you share.

Discuss Finances

This one may be sensitive for some folk, but it’s crucial to maintaining a functional home—and relationship. The best policy for discussing financial matters is open and honest communication. Be honest about what you can afford, where you’re at in your credit standing, debt and loans you need to budget for, and what you’re comfortable with spending. Make sure you’re fully aware of your financial situation and your partner’s because now their situation is yours too, and vice versa.

Before you move in, decide how you want to split up the financial responsibility. Don’t just take into account your regular monthly bills like rent or Internet, but also how much you’re going to have to spend on groceries and household items like toilet paper and light bulbs. You can square up at the end of each month, or just agree ahead of time to split everything right down the middle. If one of you is in a more lucrative field and has a little extra breathing room, you might consider dividing the costs proportionally as well.

Be sure to agree on shared costs like which cable package you need, if you really need the big screen T.V. for the living room, and whether you’re both willing to pay for—and take care of—a pet. There are a lot of options when it comes to budgeting, you just have to be willing to speak up and listen!

Enjoy It!

Moving in with your significant other is a stressful process, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be worth it! Set aside some time for yourself, and quality time for your relationship—because a greater quantity of time together doesn’t always mean it’s going to be quality time, and that’s okay! It’s a beautiful experience—have fun with it!

Focus on creating a home and building your life together, and don’t worry about the move itself. Give us a call for more information on how Dowell’s Moving & Storage can take care of all your relocation needs and make moving a stress-free experience!