Selling Your Home This Winter? Follow These Tips

Professional Moving Company in VictoriaWe recently wrote a blog about selling a home in the fall, now it only seems fair to talk about selling a home in the winter!

One of the most pervasive real estate myths is that homes will sell faster in the spring and summer—in the sellers’ market that we currently have, this is simply not true!

But, it’s always good to do as much as you can to make sure your home sells quickly, and for as much money as possible.

Here are some tips for selling your home this winter that will help you spend less time on the market, and bring a bigger check to the bank.

Capitalize on Cozy

Your home probably has all the extra twinkle and trimmings that go along with the holidays in the winter—make use of this, and stage some great holiday-themed photos for your home’s online listing! If there’s a picturesque snowfall, photograph it. If you’ve decorated with twinkly white lights for the holidays, photograph it!

Buyers who are looking for a home during the winter season are probably stressing out about not having their home settled and moved into in time for the holidays—give them a taste of the holiday coziness that they’re looking for by showing off your home’s seasonal décor.

In the winter, a batch of cookies baking in the oven during an open house is always a good idea—or, put a pot of tea with cinnamon on the stove, to make your home smell as good as it looks.

Don’t go crazy with scented candles and perfumes, though: The Balance says that many people are allergic to scented candles or room fresheners, so it’s best to stick with a little old fashioned cinnamon on the stove or cookies cooling on the counter. Overly perfumed spaces won’t be appealing.

Heat Your HomeProfessional Moving Company in Victoria

If you’re not currently living in your home, make sure to keep it heated during open house days or when there’s an appointment for a potential buyer to tour the house.

If your heat is off and the place is cold and drafty, it could give off a very unwelcoming vibe.

Work with your real estate agent to make sure the thermostat is adjusted before the potential buyers arrive, and if you can spare the energy bill for a couple of weeks, leave it at a relatively warm temperature so that it’ll warm up quickly.

Interior Updates

Don’t forget to make some updates inside your home before you show it to potential buyers. Your foundation may be in good shape, but if there’s a hole in your wall from when your son was playing baseball in the house, fix it up!

Take a look at your bathroom and kitchen caulking: if it needs to be bleached or replaced, don’t wait until after potential buyers leave.

Buyers don’t ever want to walk into a home that feels like it needs a lot of TLC, especially in the winter when everyone is crunched for time. Take the time to re-paint the molding, swap out hardware that’s broken on the cabinets, and any other item that’s been on your to-do list for too long.


If it hasn’t snowed yet, your lawn can make a big impact on your home’s ability to sell quickly. We know you probably hate raking, but do it anyway—pulling up to a home that’s simply covered with leaves is not a good start for potential buyers. Rake frequently enough that the leaves are manageable and just look like a sprinkling of fall. And you may want to cart the bags of leaves to the garbage facility, since those won’t look quite nice at the end of the drive way either.

Professional Moving Company in Victoria

If it’s snowing, make sure to keep the walkway shoveled and salted.

The Balance recommends scraping the walk before potential buyers arrive to prevent slipping. Footprints on fresh snow can quickly turn to ice and become dangerously slippery.

As for the pile of snow at the end of your driveway: clear a path. You don’t want potential buyers to have to jump over a mountain of snow just to get to your front door!

Open Those Windows

Winter days are shorter than spring and summer days, so it’s important to capitalize on all the light you can. Pull open the blinds all the way, and swap out your old, tired light bulbs for fresh LEDs.

You may want to turn on just about every light in the house, even the one above the oven, to give the impression of a bright, spacious home!

Once you’ve successfully sold your home and you’re ready to move into your new one, call Dowell’s Moving and Storage at 250-361-9866. Whether you’re staying local in the neighborhood or moving across the province, we’re here to help!