How to Sell Your Home This Fall

Spring and summer may be considered the “best” markets to buy or sell a house; but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get top dollar and a quick sale if you list your home in the fall. If you’re planning on listing your home this coming fall, there are a few things you can do to make your home stand out on the market and attract potential buyers. It’s all about preparing your home for the season and making sure to be sensitive to buyers’ needs.

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Read on for some of our pro home selling tips, specific to this season! If you stick to these tricks, you’ll be sure to have multiple offers on your home and sell it rather quickly!

Fix it up

This goes for any season: look at your home with fresh eyes and fix up the little problems you’ve been meaning to attend to all year. Squeaky hinges, broken windows, scuffed molding, and missing cabinetry knobs will jump out at buyers. To give them a good impression, make the little seemingly-inconsequential updates before you list. Buyers will notice—or rather, they won’t notice those unattractive quirks!

List before the snow

If you can get your house ready and on the market before the first snow fall of the season, do it! Buyers who don’t have a specific timeline tend to hang up their house-hunting gear when the weather gets nasty, so capitalize on the crisp fall weather and get your home listed before it’s too wet and snowy to bring buyers to an open house.

If you can’t avoid listing in unsavory weather, keep the driveway and walks salted and shoveled and provide a spot for buyers to remove their coats and boots when they walk into your home. You don’t want to deal with the cleanup of messy rain or snow boots—and the next buyers to come through will think your home is a mess!

Spend some time landscaping

Fall is one of the seasons in which landscaping has a huge impact on your home’s curb appeal. Make sure to keep the yard neat and tidy: rake up the leaves and dispose them—don’t just leave huge baskets of leaves in your front yard. That gives buyers the impression that your yard is a lot of hard work!

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Keep things trimmed, even though the season for mowing is over: if things start to get out of hand, start up the weed-whacker.

If you have deciduous trees with leaves that change colors in your yard, think about painting your front door a warmer, more autumnal color. You can’t beat the first impression that buyers will get driving up to your cozy fall home!

Where your spring garden has gone to sleep for the season, plant some autumn mums in gold and red. It’ll give your home a welcoming vibe.

Check your HVAC system

Since you’ve probably been blasting the AC all summer, you know that’s in good working condition. But check out the heating system in your home before the buyers take a tour. Having an inspector out to check your HVAC system before your first open house will quell a lot of buyers’ worries about the home being in good shape. The last thing they want to do is move into a home that doesn’t have a working heating system in the middle of the winter.

Make sure your regular HVAC maintenance is up to date, and have proof handy to show potential buyers who ask.

Clean the chimney

Fall is the season of fireplaces: if you have one, hire a chimney sweep to clean it, says Remax. Potential buyers will be happy to hear that it’s in good working order, so that they can have a cozy night by the fire as soon as they move in!

If you really want to wow buyers during an open house, have a fire going and some freshly baked cookies on the counter. Nothing beats a cool fall night with a fireplace and some baked goods.

Boost the lightingProfessional Movers in Victoria, B.C.

The Balance says that fall days are shorter and darker. For this reason, consider adding a few lamps or sconces to your home to give it a brighter vibe. Your home may not be dark without them, but a few extra can’t hurt to make sure buyers get a bright and airy impression of your home.

Swap out darker curtains for lighter ones to let as much daylight in as you can. If you have blinds in the bedrooms, consider installing sheer curtains before your first open house. Trust us; the buyers will notice all the beautiful natural light!

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