Moving in With a Roommate? Here’s What to Ask

Moving Company in British ColumbiaIf you’re moving in with a roommate soon, then chances are you’re either moving in with your partner or finding a person to share a home or apartment with to split the cost of rent and utilities. Whether you’re moving in with your partner or moving in with a stranger, living with a roommate can definitely impact your routine.

Being a good roommate is all about being communicative and honest. It’s important to have a conversation with your roommate-to-be before unpacking the first box.

Here is a list of questions that you and your roommate should discuss before the move-in date. Making sure you’re on the same page is key to a smooth transition and a comfortable living arrangement!

What are your sleeping habits?

If you are a night owl and your soon-to-be roomie is up with the sun, it’s important to make sure you’re both aware of each other’s preferences. If your schedules don’t line up, that’s fine—just make sure you’re each aware of the other’s sleeping and waking patterns, so that you can be respectful.

If you like to hang around in the kitchen in the middle of the night, be sure to keep the noise down. If you like to blast music when you wake up at dawn to get ready for the day, switch to headphones if your roommate prefers to sleep in.

How do you handle your finances?

You and your roommate will be splitting things like rent, water bills, and cable. If having expensive TV channel packages is important to one person, while the other only needs Wi-Fi for their streaming habits, you may need to talk about unique ways to split the cable bill: 50/50 won’t work.

If you need to mail a physical check for your rent, and one of you works across from the post office, volunteer to drop off the check in exchange for another responsibility that your roommate will take over. Discuss whether you’ll pay with one check, and then settle up, or each contribute.

Make sure you’re honest about your preferences, especially when it comes to money. You don’t want to get into a situation in a few months where you’re stressed out about a giant electricity bill that’s due because of your roommate’s DJ equipment.

How often do you entertain?

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Some people love to entertain; others prefer to keep a quiet home. Talk about your entertaining habits, and discuss what you’re both comfortable with.

If you’re both social beings and love to have people around, that’s great—but if one prefers the quiet, set up a schedule that works for both of you. Perhaps a curfew of 10pm on the weekdays and 12am on the weekends for the party to wrap up will make both roomies comfortable. says it’s important to discuss!

How do you meal plan?

Another topic you should cover, according to Apartment Therapy, is meals. Will you share things like milk and butter? Will you eat together each night and take turns cooking, or do you prefer to make your own food?

Also, if one person has dietary preferences like meat-free or dairy free, talk about whether it’s okay to use the same cooking utensils to handle meat or other items that one person might avoid. Discuss shopping schedules and how to split the grocery bill, if you’ll be sharing meals.

Do you always keep the doors locked?

Safety and security is an important concept, but it means different things to different people. If one roommate is comfortable leaving doors and windows unlocked at all times, and the other can’t sleep unless the doors are dead bolted, talk about boundaries and comfort when it comes to these things.

How will you decorate? Moving Company in British Columbia

If one of you cares a lot about interior design and the other could take it or leave it, then maybe leave the decorating up to one person. But if you’re both passionate about how your home looks, discuss how you’ll decorate common areas.

Perhaps take turns, or split things up based on the room. One person chooses the decorations in the living room, and the other gets to dress up the kitchen.

What vibe do you need your home to have?

Discussing the vibe that you each want your home to have is an easy way to make sure each roommate feels comfortable and relaxed in their abode. Do you prefer things to be quiet and comfortable? Relaxing and welcoming? Fun and care-free?

Depending on the habits of each roommate, make adjustments to make each other comfortable. If you can agree on what kind of home you want to share, you’ll have no trouble living together successfully for years to come!

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