How to Personalize Your New House

Congratulations, you’ve just moved into your new home! Moving can be a bit difficult to deal with, even for the most go-with-the-flow people. Humans are creatures of habit, and when all of our habits change with a new home, it can be a big adjustment.

If you’re struggling to make your new house feel like home, it’s understandable! One thing you can do to help is make small changes to personalize your new house. Once you put your own touch on the place, it’ll start to feel like home in no time. Here are some tips on where to start!

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Clean Everything

If you’re moving into a space that was previously occupied, giving it a deep cleaning can make you feel right at home. The space may not be dirty, but mop it anyway! That way you won’t have a moment of hesitation in the morning when you pad down to the kitchen barefoot.

Clean the place to your liking, so that it feels like it’s your space and not someone else’s.

Get Organized

Business Insider says that one of the best ways to truly start nesting is to organize your things and your new home before you unpack everything. Get rid of unnecessary belongings, and donate unwanted clothing and furniture to charity. Cleaning things out can make your home feel like a fresh start, rather than an unsettling mess. Just don’t throw away the sentimental things!

Hang Family PhotosProfessional Movers in Victoria, BC

Speaking of sentimental things, hanging up your family photos can create a home out of a house in no time. Take some extra care to hang photos where you think they’ll fit best, and make sure to showcase all of your favorites.

Getting some good memories and friendly faces on the walls will transform your space and make you feel cozy and at home in no time.

Paint the Front Door

To make a new space truly “yours,” Houzz says to give the front door a fresh coat of paint. Choose something wild or wacky, just as long as you like it! Putting your personal stamp on the outside of your home can make a big difference.

Plus, if you’re still mulling over interior paint colors, painting the front door is a solid place to start. You just might feel inspired! And, your front door says a lot about your home—a fresh coat of paint will give your home the “you” curb appeal it deserves.

Swap the Kitchen Hardware

To give a plain old kitchen a taste of your personal style, without breaking the bank on a full renovation, change out the cabinet hardware. Adding a personal touch here will make the space feel like your kitchen, not just the kitchen at the house you’re living in.

Arrange your appliances how you like them, and put everything away where it belongs and make sure everything has its place. Unpacking the kitchen and arranging it just so can transform the heart of your house.

Paint the Walls

Once you decide on a color scheme it’s time to paint the walls! New paint in your favorite color scheme is guaranteed to make the space feel like yours.

Professional Movers in Victoria, BC

This is a great tip for kids, too. If your kids are feeling uncertain about the new space, bring them to the hardware store and let them choose their room’s paint color. It’s easy enough to change in a few years if they grow out of it, and putting their personal stamp on their place will make them feel right at home.

Powder Room Update

If you’re not a fan of the design of your home, but aren’t quite ready to jump into a full renovation, spend a few bucks updating the powder room. If you wallpaper the small space, add a new mirror, and swap the light fixture, you won’t spend too much cash, but you’ll be able to completely re-do the space.

Focusing on small projects that you can completely finish in a weekend or two is a great way to put your own design touches on your home.

Window Treatments

Window treatments are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to transform a space. If your new house is modern and industrial, and your style is more traditional or subdued, grab some new curtains and hang them up! It’ll instantly warm a cool space, and you’ll put your personal touch on each room.

Potted Plants

If you have a green thumb, don’t delay on bringing in some plants! Potted plants, especially ones that you’ve brought with you from your old space, will make your new home inviting and cozy, both to you and your guests. A little greenery on the windowsill goes a long way.

Putting a personal touch on your new house, whether it’s by hanging pictures or re-organizing the kitchen, is the first step towards creating a home for you and your family. If you’re still packing boxes and haven’t moved into your new space yet, call Dowell’s Moving & Storage today at 250-361-9866 to get a quote. Let us do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on creating your new home!