Here’s What You Need to Know for Your International Job Search

Taking your career abroad to expand your personal and professional horizons is a challenging, yet deeply fulfilling adventure! The process of searching, applying for, and landing an international job can be intimidating. But with the right tools, it’s not impossible!

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If you’re interested in experiencing something new with an international move, finding a job in the overseas market will be foundational for your success. Follow these steps in your search and you and your career will be taking flight before you know it!

Be proactive in your application process.

If you really want to immerse yourself in a new culture and take on the foreign job market, you’re going to have to work at it. Networking is key to discovering international opportunities and getting your foot in that door.

Reach out to people you know who may have connections, companies you know in your field with foreign offices, and search for local overseas job fairs. Don’t forget about your online networking profiles or trusty job search engines either.

Learn what a good application looks like in the area where you’re applying.

Your current resume may get you job offers from every province in Canada, but that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed success overseas. Specify your application, resume, and cover letter to the local qualifications and customs of your desired destination.

Make yourself stand out.

An international employee can be a dicey investment for a business. You need to show the companies you’re interested in that you are worth the effort.

Demonstrate that you’re flexible and willing to adapt to their cultural norms and expectations.

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Adjust to their time zone, making yourself available for phone or Skype interviews when it’s convenient for them. You can even offer to meet them in person if they’re willing to fly you out or have an office that’s accessible to you in your home country. You might also consider learning their language if it’s foreign to you, to illustrate just how dedicated you are!

Choose the right company.

A good overseas employer should be willing to help you navigate the major life changes you’re about to face in your new position. Ask about or try to negotiate a relocation package that will help you handle the move and get on your feet when you first arrive.

Your new company should serve as a helpful resource for going through this transition.

Use them to guide you through the visa process, find housing, and help you adapt to and understand your new environment. Also, be sure to understand what their expectations are of you in return and what life will be like working for them.

Don’t forget to coordinate the logistics.

Once you’re determined to make your overseas move and conquer the international job market, you’ll need to get started on setting up your transition right away. You’ll need to learn the visa requirements for the countries you’re applying in and ensure you meet those standards.

Visas and work permits take time and money to get in place. Your employer should be able to help with these processes but staying on top of it will make a good impression on potential sponsors.

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You’ll also want to be proactive about making international arrangements for your finances and other lifestyle necessities.   

Contact your bank and credit companies to find out your options for overseas financing. You will also have to organize your health insurance and medical care, make living arrangements, and set yourself up with a mode of transportation.

When you’re preparing to integrate into a new and foreign culture, there are a lot of responsibilities on your checklist that quickly deplete your time and energy. With the expert team of international movers at Dowell’s Moving & Storage, the moving process doesn’t have to be one of them.

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