Cut the Clutter: 5 Things to Purge Before Moving

It’s truly amazing how much stuff one person can collect over the course of just a couple of years—from gag gifts, to birthday cards, to extra shopping bags; the longer you’ve lived in your current home or apartment, the more stuff you have shoved into it!

So then moving out—after spending a decent amount of time in one place—can be a bit daunting: think of all of the boxes of things you’ll need to haul to your new place…

Luckily, we have some Marie Kondo-inspired decluttering tips to help you sift through all the stuff and have a way easier move.

Woman with moving box on yellow background

1. Declutter the “entertainment center”

We’re using quotes here because one person’s “entertainment center” is another’s blast from the past.

Though most of us will have fully transitioned to streaming services to take care of our movie cravings, many still hold onto that enormous pile of DVDs (does anyone else have the full set of ER seasons?) taking up space in your home.

We don’t want you to get rid of things that have sentimental value, but get real: do you need to have multiple copies of the same movie? Probably not.

Purge your entertainment center: get rid of unwatched and unused DVD cases, old cable boxes that you were saving “just in case,” modems that no longer work (return those to the cable company!), and the DVD player that’s gathering dust.

If you absolutely need to hold on to your DVD collection, consider swapping DVD cases for a CD book with slots for each movie. Trust us, you’ll be happy to recycle these items rather than pay extra money to move them.

2. Declutter the bookshelf

Whether you’re an avid reader, or an occasional book-club goer, chances are you have quite a few books in your home.

woman packing up books in a boxBut guess what takes up a ton of space and can be really heavy (and costly) to move?

That’s right, the entire work of Charles Dickens and all of the books on the shelves beside it. Books take up so much space, so it makes no sense to move them unless you truly love them.

Pick up each book, and if you get a warm, fuzzy feeling when you gaze at its cover, keep it and bring it with you to the new place.

If you have no recollection of the plot, have no intention of reading it in the future, or your only reaction is to sneeze because of the dust, donate it.

3. Declutter your pantry

You know what we’re talking about here: MUGS.

How many mugs do you use in a day? One, maybe two if you decide to get fancy after dinner and make a tea instead of eating a box of Pop-Tarts? You don’t need 100 mugs.

Even when you have friends over, there are only five of them, max, and two of them won’t drink coffee even if you offer it. So, downsize your mug collection. Really. We promise: if you suddenly decide you need two more mugs, you can pick some up at pretty much any store in the country.

Apply this same logic to the rest of the items you have in your pantry. Have you been hauling a pile of 20 mismatched bowls from apartment to apartment for the past decade? Get rid of them! You literally only need 5 or 6 of them, for the rare occasion that you invite your entire family over for soup.

Unless you’re entertaining 15 plus people on a regular basis, you only need enough cutlery and dishware to feed you and your family between dishwasher cycles, so be realistic and only keep what you need.

4. Declutter the linen closet

Most fitted sheets lose elasticity over the years, so don’t move with them; ditch them before the big day!

stressed woman sorting through clothesMost of us have more stuff in our linen closets than we could ever need or use, so go through yours with a fine-toothed comb before you pack up for moving day. If there are any towels in there that have seen better days (15 years ago) then get rid of them!

Plus, if you got rid of your queen-sized bed in favor of a king… there’s no reason to keep those old queen sheets!

If you suddenly decide to embrace your French background and picnic in the local park with a pile of baguettes, you will be able to find a suitable blanket without hauling your old queen sheet sets from one home to another.

5. Declutter your hobbies

Whether you were once into knitting, crochet, beads or tile and grout, most of us have a space in our home that doubles as a graveyard where old hobbies have gone to die.

Don’t bring those glass beads with you to your new home: donate them to someone who would actually use them, and close that chapter of your life. No one is judging you! Admit defeat and make room for your next hobby.

But don’t bother packing and moving items from the hobby closet’s past. Purging is a great reason to re-invest in new supplies for a new hobby when you get to your new home.

Now that you’ve planned to purge, you can schedule the move: Dowell’s Moving & Storage is here for whatever you need. Click here for more information or call us today for a quote at 250-361-9866.