How You Can Keep Your New Home Safe From Crime

When you move, it can be easy to lose focus on securing your new home; however, making your home safe should be a top priority since home burglaries happen more than we think, even in the best of neighborhoods.

Take advantage of these great home security tips for improving the safety of your new house.

Change the locksProfessional Movers in British Columbia

When you first move in, you should change the locks on all of the outside doors since there’s no telling who still has a key to your home. From former handymen to neighbors to house cleaners, the possibilities are endless and you really don’t know who was given a copy of the key from the previous homeowners.

You don’t want to take the chance of not knowing who has your key and who doesn’t, so hire a reliable locksmith to rekey your entire home as soon as you move. This is a simple step that many overlook!

Lock the windows

Sometimes the latches on the windows aren’t always effective and are downright flimsy. Replace them with locks to help make your home safer. You can also insert laminated or tempered glass for a stronger option.

Purchase an alarm system

Having an alarm system installed is one of the best ways to protect you and your family from outsiders and burglars. There are hundreds of home security systems available, so you’re sure to find one that meets your budget and needs.

Once you find the right security system for you, give the company a call to make an installation appointment time. After everything is installed, be sure to place security signs in your front yard as they have been proven to steer away thieves from targeting and robbing a home.

Invest in a video doorbell

Believe it or not, but the majority of burglars actually ring the doorbell of homes first before entering. Why? So they can see whether or not anyone is home. The good news is there are now smart doorbell devices you can purchase to make it seem like you are actually home even if you’re not.

Put TVs and lights on timers

How You Can Keep Your New Home Safe From Crime

We all know that thieves don’t want to get caught, so if TVs and lights are on, they will be less likely to enter your home. With that being said, it’s especially important to set timers on your lights and TVs when you go away, especially during the holidays!

You can buy electrical timers at home improvement stores and for TVs, you can usually program a timer to go on and off through the TV directly.

Install motion detector lighting

If a thief decides to visit at night, they will quickly be deterred by any bright lights that shine on them. Install motion detector lights on the front, back and sides of your home or anywhere it would be easy to hide. This way, if a light randomly goes off at night, you can quickly investigate the situation.

Landscape your yard

This one may not fit in with the rest, but if you grab shears and properly landscape your yard, it will have a major impact on the safety of your home. Houses surrounded by overgrown hedges and shrubs tend to be ideal targets for criminals since they decrease visibility from the street, making it easier for thieves to sneak into a home without being seen by a passerby.

Meet your neighbors

After getting situated at your new home, make an effort to meet your new neighbors and form good relationships with them so you have people to rely on. If you have to leave for a trip, good neighbors will be able to keep an eye on your home while you’re away so you can relax with ease!

If you are planning on moving soon, be sure to take these extra steps so you and your family are safe and sound and call Dowell’s Moving & Storage today! We provide the most trusted moving service and consideration in the British Columbia area and we are eager to help you move to your new home!