7 Tips for Planning a Long-Distance Move

Planning a long-distance move can seem like a daunting task: there are so many more variables involved in a far-away move than there are when you just need to drive down the street to arrive at your new home.Moving Long-Distance

So, if you’re a first-time long-distance mover, not to worry!

We have a few tips that will help you plan your long-distance move, without the stress.


  1. 1. Stay organized & start early

The first step towards making your move pain and stress-free is to make a plan. Then all you need to do is stick to it and stay organized.

A long-distance move isn’t something you can throw together in a couple of days with the help of your friends and a few cars. You’ll need to do some serious planning!

Get started earlier than you would for a move across town by starting to prep about 6 weeks prior. The first things you should do are declutter your home and donate old items, which will make transporting your essentials much easier.

If you have old furniture that you’ve been wanting to get rid of, it might make more sense to donate it now and buy new items when you get to the new place; just keep your budget in mind.

  1. 2. Determine how much you can spend

Once you start the decluttering process, you’ll need to determine how much money you’re able to spend on the costs of the move itself.

Young Couple Planning a MoveThis will help you determine whether you’ll be able to hire movers or ship your items from your old place to the new.

The distance between your old home and your new home will make a lot of these decisions for you, including whether you’ll be driving or flying there once the movers pack up the last box. But, keeping your budget in mind ahead of time will ensure that you don’t overspend in the process.

Book your flights or rent a car ahead of time so that you’re not scrambling at the last minute to make travel arrangements.

  1. 3. Hire professional long-distance movers

With a long-distance move, you’re going to have a lot on your plate, and trust us—your hands will be filled with simply getting you and your family to the new place, not your belongings.

So, why not find a team of movers that excel at long-distance moves? You can worry about how you’ll get to your new place, while professional movers worry about getting your belongings to the new space.

Talk to your movers early to determine the best date for you to move. Ask them about certain rules and regulations, just in case there’s anything they won’t be able to transport.

  1. 4. Notify everyone of your move

Sure, you’ll want to let your friends and family know about the big move, but more importantly, you’ll need to notify your bank, credit card companies, health insurance companies, and other places that tend to send you important mail.

Letting your banks and credit cards know can prevent fraud alerts from blocking up your cards mid-move, and you’ll need to have access to your money while you’re on the road and when you start to unpack—there’s takeout to order, and shelves to buy!

Moving long-distance is a lot to organize, but if you stay on task and stay organized, it’ll be just like any other move. Rely on your moving company to answer any questions you have throughout the process, like how best to pack certain items—they’re the experts, so they’ll know what will work best!

  1. 5. Determine your storage needs

If there isn’t enough room in your new place for all your belongings, you may need to stash some things in storage. Unless you’ll be coming back to your old town regularly, it’s best to rent a storage unit in your new town, which means you’ll need to transport all of your items there, and split them up based on where they need to be unloaded.

  1. Child in a Moving Box

    6. Get the kids set up

If you’re moving with kids, you’ll need to think about things like new pediatricians, schools, play groups, and more. Moving in the middle of the school year puts even more time restraints on things, so don’t wait until the last minute to look for new schools.

It may take some time to get the kids signed up and enrolled, and you don’t want them falling behind mid-year.

  1. 7. Get to know your new neighborhood

While you’re packing, and even beforehand, do some research on your new neighborhood.

Knowing the type of town you’re moving to will help you determine whether you need to bring your skis, or if the closest slopes are 6 hours away by car.

Getting to know some of the best spots for dinner, to grab a coffee, or to hang out with the kids can go a long way towards making your new town feel like home that much faster once you actually move in.

Try not to forget to check out the weather: that’ll be a major determining factor when it comes to packing up your wardrobe!

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