7 Reasons People Move

If you’ve been in the same place your whole life or are familiar with how stressful the moving process can be, you might wonder why people bother to move at all! Sometimes people are motivated to move for new opportunities and a better life, but sometimes it’s just a result of circumstance.

Whether you’re relocating locally or taking on a long-distance move, it’s important to put an adequate amount of time and thought into what’s best for you or your family. Don’t rush into a move because you decided on a whim that you needed some excitement in your life, but don’t put it off because you’re afraid of change either.Reasons to Move

We’ve put together a list of some of the top reasons people are moving to help you think about what’s right for you. If you’re reading through these common motivators and feel like it might be time for your own move, start researching the best professional moving services to book so you can take care of one of the biggest stressors right away!

1.) To become homeowners

As people move up in life in terms of family and career, they usually start thinking about the benefits of owning their own home. Buying a house is one of the most significant investments you can make in your future. It’s the best way to prepare for a family and take the next step forward in your life.

2.) In search of career opportunities

Some locations are simply more ideal for your field than others. Plus, some job markets are better in general in certain places. If you’re trying to work your way up to editor of a major magazine, you’ll probably want to be in a big city like New York or Toronto. On the other hand, if your trade is servicing farming equipment, you’ll likely find more opportunities for work in the Midwest.

People sometimes move to accept a better job offer or a promotion—or so their significant other can—or just to make the commute to their current job easier. Unfortunately, sometimes losing a job is also a motivator for relocation.

3.) Moving for family

You need more room as your family grows—whether you have more children or children you already have are getting older and need their own rooms. Not to mention that as your family increases in size, you’ll probably also notice an increase in stuff! A lot of families move because they need more storage space and are tired of being cramped in a tiny home.

Alternatively, someone might move to be closer to immediate or extended family. Maybe you’re tired of only seeing your children a few times a year, or your mom is sick, and you need to take care of her. Moving to be with loved ones is a catalyst for a lot of individuals.

4.) Changes in relationship status

A lot of younger people nowadays are waiting to move out until they’re ready to move in with a significant other. It’s a great way to save money by splitting costs, and a fun and meaningful commitment to make to take your relationship to the next level. Unfortunately, that means sometimes a move is prompted by a divorce or a breakup too.

Reasons People Move

5.) Looking for a better neighborhood

Moving in search of a better environment is common for families, couples, and single individuals alike. Most people want to live in a nice, safe neighborhood, or at least work toward getting there. Some locations are better for families, like charming suburbs with good schools and a lot of opportunity for community involvement. Moving to a fast-paced city might be a better option though if you’re a young single trying to experience as much excitement as possible.

Another unpleasant reality is that sometimes our neighbors motivate us to move. People often leave to escape stressful situations and troublesome neighbors, or just in search of a closer-knit community.

6.) Trying to save money

Money has a lot of power in our world, and it often ends up deciding how and where we live. A family might want to downsize when their youngest child finally leaves the nest. Or maybe you’re just searching for a better market to buy a home for less.Reasons to Move

Moving to a smaller space or cheaper neighborhood is a good step to take to ease financial burdens as well. Sometimes we settle somewhere just to realize a year or two later we can’t handle the cost of living as comfortably as we anticipated. Similarly, loss of income sometimes drives the need for a cheaper home too.

7.) Needing a change

Often the best part about moving somewhere new is getting a fresh start! Sometimes you just need a change of scenery, new opportunities to explore, and new people to meet. Moving is a new adventure to challenge yourself with, and an excellent way to stimulate personal growth.

Sometimes bad memories and negative experiences drive us away from a city or a home. There is often much solace to be found in leaving behind the old to start anew.

If you’re ready to begin the moving process, for one of these reasons or another, there are a lot of important steps to take. One of those is to find an experienced team of movers to get you from one place to another. At Dowell’s Moving & Storage we offer expert service you can trust for both local and long-distance moves in and out of Victoria.

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