5 Questions to Help You Choose the Right Size Home

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So, you know you need to downsize. Or, you’ve realized it’s time for a bigger house. But just how much smaller or bigger should you go? How do you know how much space you really need for you, your family, and all of your belongings? And how can you determine if a house is the right size for you without seeing how all of your stuff looks in it?

Unfortunately, there’s no convenient formula or calculator that can tell you exactly how much square footage it will take for you and your family to live comfortably in a space. If you take the right factors into consideration during your search though, you should be able to find a home that accommodates all of your needs!

1) Does this space fit your budget?

First and foremost, you have to be realistic about what you can afford. Ultimately, you’ll need to work within your budget and adjust your lifestyle to fit the houses in your range. Decide what you’re willing to pay for your ideal size, and what you’re willing to settle for, before you start looking.

Experienced homeowners often recommend buying a little less space than you can afford, to leave some cushion for the other expenses that come with a new house.

2) What are your future plans?

A house is a long-term investment. The space you buy now needs to be able to accommodate any plans you have (or may one day make) for your future career, family, and lifestyle! It’s important to consider not only your current circumstances for your home search, but also to anticipate any likely or possible changes you may face.

Are you single, but hope to be married in a few years? Do you and your partner want to have a child? Will you be looking for remote jobs and need a home office? Factor in your 5 or 10-year plan when you evaluate the potential of a space.

3) Do you really need that much stuff?

Have you ever heard the saying “your eyes are bigger than your stomach”? It basically means you overestimate how much you can eat, so you end up taking more food than you need. We tend to do the same thing when it comes to our houses.

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Don’t pay for space you won’t fill just because you can afford it! Be reasonable about your storage needs—the less extra space you have, the fewer unnecessary things you’ll buy.

Take inventory of what you own as you consider the size of a potential house. Can you declutter and use a smaller space more efficiently? The answer is usually yes!

4) Is the space laid out well?

High square footage numbers don’t always equate to more usable space. How functional is the space you’re looking at in terms of your needs? Does that big, impressive kitchen island lack drawers and cabinets for storage? Will your couch be able to fit in between those Greek pillars in the living room that you love so much?

Really think about whether the layout of a space is efficient, even if it looks big and impressive.

5) Will you have enough space to actually live?

A house is more than just a place for you to sleep and store your belongings. To truly make your house a home, you need to have enough space to relax and do the things you enjoy! Consider in your search aspects such as if you’ll have a place for your hobbies, or if there’s enough outside space for your kids or dog to run around and make memories.

Each household member should be able to enjoy a certain amount of privacy. You don’t want to end up living on top of one another, otherwise you’ll be headed right back to the market for a bigger house before you know it.

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