5 Fundamental Tips for Moving in the Rain

There’s a lot you can anticipate about moving day—when it’s going to happen, how you’re going to organize the truck, who’s going to help you—but something that’s never completely reliable is the weather. You might watch the news the night before or check your app every day leading up to the move and be promised sunny skies, but there’s always a chance you’ll face some unexpected rain.

We won’t try to deny that moving in the rain is considerably more difficult than working with clear skies and a nice breeze, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. With our advice and a team of expert movers that know what to do in any weather conditions, you can prevent rain from putting a serious damper on your moving day activities!

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1.) Get as organized as possible indoors.

The goal for a rainy-day move is for you and your belongings to spend as little time as possible in the downpour. Gather all of your boxes into one room in order to shorten the length and number of trips taken through the house with wet shoes. This will also make it far less likely that your movers slip and fall and minimize the debris you drag inside.

Another good thing to do is get your moving truck as close as possible to the house, again to minimize time spent in the rain. If you have a garage, that’s the perfect place to prepare your haul for packing.

2.) Wrap whatever you can.

If you’re dealing with anything above a drizzle, it’s going to be nearly impossible to avoid water collecting on your possessions. Use garbage bags and plastic covers to keep furniture, cardboard boxes, and other loose items as dry as you can. You should have these supplies on hand before moving day just in case, no matter what type of weather is predicted.

It’s understandable though, that thoughts of backup plastic sheeting might be lost in the chaos of preparing for your move. If you find yourself with rain and a lack of proper supplies, heavy blankets and sheets will serve as adequate substitutes.

3.) Cover the floor.Professional Movers in Victoria

Covering the floor is an important safety measure to take if your moving day weather takes a dreary turn. It’ll reduce the chances of someone slipping and falling, as well keep your old place cleaner.

Use tarps or mats to make a path from the moving truck to at least the entryway, and as far into the house as possible. If you don’t have mats to lay down, use extra cardboard boxes as a makeshift canvas or throw down some old towels that can be washed or tossed.

4.) Prioritize your items thoughtfully.

You should always have a plan for how you want to pack your moving truck, but rain might force you to do a little tweaking. You’ll want to start with items that are less vulnerable to water, such as plastic totes, tape-wrapped boxes, and covered furniture.

Try to put off moving your more fragile belongings like cardboard boxes with no plastic wrapping and electronics. You might be able to wait out the rain or at least give it some time to lessen. It’s also a good idea to dry items as you go to reduce the amount of excess moisture sitting in the truck and coating your belongings.

5.) Unpack right away.

You might be tempted to take a break when you arrive at your new place because you think the hard part is over. While it is more difficult to pack in the rain since the process is longer and more complicated, it is equally as important to get your items out of the truck and dried off as soon as possible. Damage is less likely to happen the less time your possessions spend wet or sitting in compromised boxes.

An assembly line is the best way to streamline the unpacking process and minimize the amount of dirt and water that gets tracked into your new house. Designate teams to work inside emptying boxes and disposing of wet cardboard, and others to get them off the truck.

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When you invest in a professional moving company, the only thing you’ll have to worry about when it comes to rain is having your umbrella on hand. Experienced movers are already trained in the best practices for handling all weather conditions. At Dowell’s Moving & Storage, we can guarantee the safe transfer of your belongings in rain or shine!

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